7 Golden Skin Care Rules for Your Butt


Achieving smooth, firm, round butt is something so many of us work towards. Doing squats and lunges regularly will definitely help to lift your behind, but there are other steps you can take to help achieve a stunning rear.

Seemingly silly issues like excessive sweating on seats is rarely talked about, but the struggle is real; as is the impact this has on your skin. Follow our simple butt manual to get your backside looking firmer, rounder, and smoother without the need of a butt cushion or endless squats. Here are some of our solutions to getting an enviable butt!


Many women agree that the most satisfying part of a Brazilian wax is the tidy round the back. Be that as it may, we suggest you leave hair removal on your behind to the experts (simply envision the ER shame if your butt cheeks got waxed closed). Shaving can be a more convenient and simple choice, but be careful. Any razor scratches and cuts are likely to get contaminated and could lead to infection. Excessive hair removal from the area can cause even more butt sweat. All things taken into account, those fine hairs were likely put there on purpose.