8 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep


Sleepless nights are worse than a nightmare. What makes you awake and refrain from sleep?

Some professionals always tell you the same story over and over again, keep on telling patients to make sure they get enough sleep night after night. The reality is that it can be hard for many people to reach this goal each and every night. Worse, on the nights we decide to prioritize sleep, those precious hours of shut-eye can be harder to obtain than we would like, leading to even more frustration and sleepless nights.

2Going to bed with an empty stomach

Going to bed hungry interferes with sleep. Hunger pangs simply wake you up simply by making your stomach growl. The are also evidence suggests that people trying to lose weight may wake up frequently.

What to do: Definitely, avoid being hungry. You may want to include a high-protein foods for your bedtime snack, such as a small serving of cheese or a hard-boiled egg. Protein produces greater satiety than carbohydrates and fat.