10 causes of kidney failure from your daily habits

causes of kidney failures 11

Your kidneys are essential for your health. They produce hormones, filter your blood, eliminate toxins, absorb minerals, produce urine and neutralize acids. As an essential organ in your body, kidney deserves some genuine love.

Steady decline or damage of the kidneys can catch people unaware for quite sometimes because kidneys can still function with about 20% of functional capacity. Therefore, kidney disorder is simply known as “The Silent Diseases” and requires serious care.

Below is a list of Top 10 causes of kidney failure, leading to serious damage over time.

10Eating commercially-processed foods

Processed foods are considerable sources of sodium and also phosphorus. Many individuals that have kidney illness need to reduce phosphorus in their meals. Certain research has shown that rich phosphorus consumption from processed food in healthy individuals may be damaging to their kidneys as well as bones.