5 Ingredients That Will Help You Prevent Breast Cancer

breast cancer

Breast cancer is indeed a fatal disease, but it is not only curable in fact its risk can get minimized. Each year millions of women are diagnosed with this disease and due to early detection women are curing of this disease successfully, which has resulted in the form of low death rate caused by this cancer. As this illness can’t be stopped, then it is important to take steps which can help in reduction of its risk. The factors which can be helpful in reducing the development of this cancer mainly include using some of these ingredients.


Sulforaphane is a composite found in broccoli that reduces the fraction of breast cancer cells which makes cancer to grow, according to the study done at the Michigan’s University. Eating more broccoli can’t deliver adequate sulforaphane in reaching a similar outcome, you can eat your broccoli raw or casually steam or stir-fry the green florets. Boiling broccoli destroys some of the sulforaphane in it.