8 Ways to Boost Your Anti-Cancer Diet


A variety of different nutrients are crucial for your body to fight cancer, but the problem is that the American diet too often lacks what we need to stay in top health. That means calories aren’t in short supply, but nutrients can be. You can fill in the gaps with dietary supplements.

1Vitamin D

Studies have found that people who have higher levels of vitamin D have significantly lower rates of breast, ovarian, renal, colon, pancreatic, aggressive prostate, and other cancers. Researchers have even predicted that raising vitamin D levels in the United States and Canada would prevent 58,000 people from getting breast cancer and 49,000 from getting colorectal cancer. However, Americans are woefully short on this essential nutrient. I recommend that everyone take 1,000 to 2,000 international units of vitamin D a day, which you can find in a good multivitamin.