Demystifying 3 Types of Cancer Cells


Cancer is a condition where the body cells generate rapidly and abnormally and spread to other parts of the body where they are not supposed to be. There are different types of cancer cells. The body basically has three types of cells where cancer can develop and we can categorize a cancer by the type of cells where the cancer originated. These three types of cells are

· 1 -Epithelial Cells

· 2 – Cells of the blood and lymphatic system

· 3 – Connective tissue cells

1Epithelial Cells

These are cells that are found on the surface of our bodies (skin), and on the surface of body organs. Types of epithelial cells include:-

· Adeno cells – these are the lining cells in all the glands of the body including the stomach, breasts, bowels, prostate and ovaries.

· Basal cells – cells that are found on the skin

· Squamous cells – these are skin cells and are found covering organs such as the oesophagus, air channels and the mouth.

· Urothelial cells – they are also known as transitional cells and they form the lining on the bladder and parts of the urinary tract.

Cancers that are found on these epithelial tissues are called Carcinomas cancers. Carcinomas cancers are the most common type of cancer among the adults making up for more than 80% of the cancer cases. Carcinomas cancers can be found in the breasts, prostate, lung or bowel.