Follow these 10 tips to avoid bone cancer!


Unfortunately, nobody can tell what the exact cause of bone cancer is. It has been proven, though, that a faulty gene can influence the growth of unwanted tissue. If you’ve had someone in your family struggle with bone cancer or even lost a loved one to this horrible disease, you might be worrying that you could have inherited the gene. Fortunately, being aware of the risk is the first step of prevention. By exchanging some bad habits for new healthy ones, you will be taking the next step. Here are 10 tips for bone cancer prevention:

10Quit smoking

Although tobacco is commonly associated with high lung cancer risks, its link to various other forms of cancer has been proven. Quitting this habit is an important part in the prevention of any form of cancer. Smoking lowers your calcium levels, and calcium is what bones need. If you need help quitting, you may want to ask your doctor for support.