Try a New Style of Vacation With RVshare


    Do you need a break? Are you looking for a new adventure?

    If you want all the style of a road trip combined with all the luxury of a holiday then look no further than RVshare. For those of you that are looking for a different kind of experience and an unforgettable vacation.

    We know that choosing just one place to stay during your trip can be a hassle, but what if you didn’t have to choose? With RVshare you choose when and where you want to go.  Plan a holiday where you travel on your own terms.

    Easy bookings

    Using our simple platform you can rent an RV affordably and stress-free. We offer trusted peer-to-peer rentals and instant bookings.

    If you’re still unsure use the trip planner to fine tune your personalized RV experience in just a few clicks.

    And if you have an RV that is sitting unused with expenses piling up then you can list it for free. You can share your RV with those who aren’t sure if they want to own one yet. We offer renter verification and insurance coverage so that you can list with confidence.

    All styles

    With so many happy RV owners in one place, we can offer you all types of getaways. Choose between a range of drivable or towable RVs. And always remember we have pet-friendly options as well, so you can always bring your furry friend along.

    Whatever your needs or conditions are you will be able to find the right RV for your dream holiday. The RVshare website allows you to see all the details before you rent. Totally customize options and amenities to find the perfect RV where you know you’ll be comfortable.

    Experience nature with a new appreciation, all while having the comfort of home.

    Largest and most trusted brand

    With thousands of satisfied reviews, nationwide reach and with RVs in every state across the US you can rent with peace of mind knowing you’re safely insured by the largest peer-to-peer RV renter in the country. RVshare offers 24-hour roadside assistance so you can rest easy knowing that no flat tires will be slowing you down and spoiling your trip.

    Connect to people all over the country so you can contact RV owners locally or when you arrive at your destination.

    Book online and travel at your own pace. All whilst connecting with friends, family and the world around you. Experience the most freeing vacation of your life.