The Cancer Symptoms that You Shouldn’t Ignore

Young woman holding her painful throat

Cancer Problem
Cancer is the major cause of death worldwide. Study shows that the following cancers have high mortality rate such as liver cancer , stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancers are leading on the list.
New cancer cases occur every year from different countries. It is unstoppable. It is the main property of cancer cell. Once it is triggered. It will be unstoppable.
Cancer Solution
There are ongoing researches being carefully studied to somehow stop or kill or at least delay the growth of cancer cell. But while we are still waiting for that breakthrough, we have to do our roles too. We have to read more about on how to detect early symptoms of cancer before it spreads. For now, precautionary measures and early detections are our only weapons to fight cancer.
Cancer Symptoms

1Unexplained Lump

Lymph nodes on breasts, armpits, or groin must be carefully observed. These forms that stays after few months could be a sign of infection.