The Top 10 Cancers Diagnosed Globally


Cancer can be described as uncontrolled growth in the abnormal cells in one’s body. The growth can occur anywhere in a human body. Cancer builds up when the typical control system of the body stops functioning and as a result old cells fail to die causing new anomalous ones to be developed. The additional cells later form a group of tissue called the tumor. However, some cancers such as leukemia do not form tissues. There are different kinds of cancers in human beings and the fact is that the same cancer type in a person may be totally different from that cancer in another individual. Experts have discovered that within a single type of cancer, say for example lung cancer, there are different sub types with each requiring a unique treatment of its own. Report has shown that in 2016, common cancer cases have rapidly increased.

9Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer takes the lead in causing men’s deaths. It begins with a tumor developing in men’s prostate gland. Its primary risk factors which include old age, family history of cancer and obesity are unavoidable. Foods that are recommended to prevent prostate cancer include vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, watermelons and apricots. Tomatoes are the best because they slow the enlargement of prostates. Green tea contains catechin which is significant for lessening the chances of early-stage prostate cancer from advancing to full-blown prostate cancer. Saturated fats and cheese should be avoided as they have been linked to aggressive prostate cancer in humans.