Top 6 Star Foods That Help In Fighting and Prevention of Cancer


If you love your health then you should know that regular exercise and a proper balanced diet is essential in your day today lifestyle. Perhaps you might be wondering why this is so important, well, to be more elaborate, eating well and engaging in exercise on a regular basis ensures that your body stays strong and is also free from diseases. On the other hand, good nutrition can help you in fighting cancer. Cancer has been defined by medical professionals as the rapid multiplication of cells. According to research, it’s estimated that 35% of cancer cases are mainly associated with a poor diet. So how can nutrition aid in fighting this pandemic? Let me take you through top 6 star foods that you need to consider to fight and prevent cancer that will guarantee you great results in the long last.


Well known for breast cancer treatment. Walnuts mainly contain phytosterols which aid in blocking estrogen receptors. Once they are blocked, your body prevents the continuous and random multiplication of cells. You don’t have to wait till your whole breast is affected; walnuts can play the magic for you if you include them in your daily nutritional diet.