11 Cancer Causing Foods That We Consume Daily


It is simply ignored by us, that the food we eat can contain carcinogens or any toxins that can cause cancer. Almost, 1.5 million people were diagnosed with the several type of cancer last year, and we can see the growth in the count. So, we should see what we are eating and we should simply avoid the food that can cause cancer. So, here is the list of 16 foods that we consume in our day to day life and have carcinogens and cancer causing toxins in it.

1Microwave popcorn

Popcorn bag is the popular food consumed daily by every one of us. But, you might don’t know what the issue behind the popcorn is and what it can cause to your body. First let’s see the bag and then we will discuss about the content. According to the Wikipedia, popcorn bags are lined up with the chemical called perfluorooctanic acid (PFOA). This is the chemical which is commonly found in Teflon, and they are the major reason for the bladder, kidney and lungs cancer.


Now, let’s see the content of the bag, where the popcorn contains the ample amount of soybean oil and a preservative called propyl gallate. This chemical causes skin rashes and stomach problem. If, the company is not mentioning that they are not using GMO corn, then you can bet on the company that they are not using organic corn either.