5 Trendy Abs Workouts That Drive Ladies Crazy


When it comes to abs workouts, many people get it wrong. There is a widely accepted notion that doing a bunch of crunches is going to help you with your abs. This, however has proven to be wrong. Crunches do help you by shaping your abs, but if you want your abs to show physically, then you’ll have to change your abs workouts and implement other workouts.
The first thing you need to know is that abdominal fats are usually the most stubborn fats that everyone faces. To get rid of these fats and replace them with muscles, you’ll need to adopt the following abs workouts in your daily routines:


Planks have been proven to be more effective than the normal crunches. They activate more than 130% of your core and abs activities compared to crunches. For a beginner, you can begin by a simple plank workout where you keep your feet together and your elbows slightly parallel to your chest. You can hold this position for up to 3 minutes per rep. You are advised to do at least 5-7 reps per day. If you find that relatively easy or would like to upgrade, you can spread your legs a bit wider and place your elbows parallel to your chin. This will make the entire workout a little bit challenging and yield greater results.