6 Best Brain Supplements


Factors such as disease, fatigue, and among others may interfere with the brain’s functionality. A disease like Alzheimer which is common among the elderly is for example characterised by memory relapses. People with Alzheimer frequently suffer memory loss and usually have to be placed under continuous watching by caregivers. Fatigue and strain resulting from the rigors of daily life also usually make people to be less alert and to lose focus when undertaking a particular activity.

Just like the body’s physical functioning can be enhanced by supplements, a person’s mental performance can also be boosted by brain supplements. Here are six supplements which can enhance the brain’s abilities, reduce anxieties, and improve mood:

1Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a herb which is native to China. It has for a long time been used in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of various conditions. The herb is effective in improving memory in patients with Alzheimer and dementia. It also helps to uplift mood by eliminating stress, anxiety, and depression.

Ginkgo works by improving blood circulation to the brain, balancing chemical activity in the brain, and protecting the brain cells from being damaged by free radicals.