8 Food Myths ‘Even Smart People Believe’


There are some of the myths about the eating habits and the diets you should consider which even smart people don’t know. Like, the metabolism effect slows down if you eat food after 7 PM, eating oats, rice, and pasts adds calorie to your diet. But, the nutritionist Rob Hobson has proved that there are some of the food myths which even smart people believe.

Oats, pasta, and rice lovers it’s time for you people to rejoice. As, it contains four calories per gram which is similar to the protein. There are many myths such as raw foods preserves enzymes and saturated foods raises cholesterol levels. But, there are many misconceptions around the healthy diet and some cases the diet plans are not straightforward as it should be. Let’s look at the 8 food myths:

1All carbohydrates food makes you fat

This myth can be considered as yes or no depending upon the portion size. The complex carbs with low GI will not make you fat like, whole meal pasta, wholegrain rice, and oats which contain four calories per gram which is equal to the protein. When these foods are eaten in the sensible portion sizes, they are the rich source of B vitamins and fibre and it has the less impact on the blood sugar levels when compared to the food which have high GI parts.

Whatever extra coating you wish to keep on these foods will just increase the calorie and in excess amount of any food consumed will impact your weight gain. But, all the carbs are not same, the food with carbs and low GI will give you more nutrients and it will fill your diet, and when the food with carbs with high GI such as sugar will impact your blood sugar levels and weight. They interrogate the insulin spikes which in turn lead to the diabetes and they store fat which results in heart diseases. So, cutting the carbs with low GI counter parts is the best weight loss strategy and they make you feel healthy.