Burn the fat, not the hunger!


Food tops the list among the three basic necessities of life, but given so many option we still compromise at times on our hunger, why? Fear of gaining weight. Proven studies have shown that losing weight is harder than gaining. Our daily lifestyle allows us very limited time so we choose the easiest available option when it comes to satisfy our hunger without even thinking the amount of damage it is causing to our body.

Now who knew there are foods that can be part of our daily diet without those extra calories.

10 easily available foods you can eat without the fear of gaining weight.

Topping my list are fruits, fruit with another fruit makes better pair, and Fruits are always an aid when it comes to an early morning cereals and after dinner desert.


An apple a day keeps the doctor and the calories away’. The most talked about diet fruit which has shown proven result in just 3 to 5 days has high contains of water soluble dietary fibre Pectin which absorbs the excess fats in our body.