Stay Away From These 12 Cancer Causing Food Substitutes!


With the increase in awareness that people are having on what they eat in their daily life, it is important that we take responsibility of what we eat ourselves and keep our self healthy.

People nowadays are curious to know what the ingredients inside something they eat are. This is because of the rise in the number of cases where people fall ill or catch severe diseases due to their lifestyle and food.

Cancer is one such disease that sucks the life out of anyone who gets it. It is important that we make sure we eat only healthy stuff as one of the major causing factors of Cancer is our lifestyle and our diet.

In this post I will be listing down 12 Cancer causing food substitutes that you can start using TODAY itself in order to have a healthy life!

1Microwave Popcorn

Popcorn is something that each and every one of us like. How convenient is it to just put in those instant popcorn bags inside microwave and listen to those kernels pop. But have you ever thought or looked at what these companies put inside these popcorn bags?

Most companies use Soybean Oil as the lubricating agent inside the popcorn bags. You will also find preservatives like Propyl Galatea that is known to cause skin rashes as well as stomach related problems. You are not even sure if these companies are using organic Corn for these popcorn packets. With such a huge demand for these instant food, it is easy for these companies to use inorganic corn inside these packets.

To be honest, it is really easy to make popcorn the traditional way. All you need is a pan along with some coconut oil and your popcorn will be ready in no time.