Top 15 Contaminated Fish You Shouldn’t Be Eating


Eating fish and seafood is the best healthy diet which gives the ample amount of nutrition to your body. Fish has got lots of nutrition packed in it and there are some other benefits too like healthy monosaturated fats, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. As, fishes were packed with such good things, but due to our continuous play with the environment, fishes are also affected by it.

Fukushima power plant meltdown and due to the poisonous environment, almost all the fishes are loaded with the unsafe levels of radiation and mercury. Every single fish on this planet have some level of mercury and some of them have higher levels of mercury than others. Here, you can find the list of 10 contaminated fish that can affect your health adversely. You should avoid these fishes completely or eat in small quantity. If, you are an expectant mother, than you should avoid it totally.


Swordfish is the large fish that eats the other fishes as their natural diet. So, all the mercury contaminated in the fishes will be accumulated in the swordfish. Although, swordfish is highly popular, it is the tropical fish which has been found to have the higher level of mercury contaminated in the body. This fish contains the high level of strong neurotoxin called methyl mercury. These neurotoxins have the ability to cross the placenta of the pregnant women, and can easily break the nervous system of the unborn fetus.

Also, the recent studies prove that the high blood levels of mercury are traced due to the frequent consumption of swordfish. The study was performed in San Francisco which involved 123 subjects with over 30 different types of fish. Those who were consuming the swordfish in excess have higher blood mercury levels that were above the maximum amount recommended by the United States Environmental Protections Agency and National Academy of Sciences.