Top 10 Famous People Who Never Existed


Over the years mascots have popped up and become famous. Some believe that they are actual people, while others are obviously fake. From complete corporate mascots, all the way down to photo-shopped faces, you will be surprised who is, and is not, real!

10Aimi Eguchi

This is Eguchi Aimi. She’s the latest member of Japanese pop band AKB48, and a very lovely girl. But Eguchi Aimi is not what she seems. She shocked all her fans by revealing her dark secret – Aimi was, in fact, computer-generated, with parts taken from other band members and pasted over an existing girl to make Aimi Eguchi. Her personality was a little easier for her inventors to make up: according to her official AKB48 profile, Aimi is 16, from Saitama just outside Tokyo, competed in track and field and made her debut in a photo shoot for Shueisha’s Weekly Playboy magazine. Taking 150 gigabytes of memory, she’s the perfect example of the world we are heading to, in which men and machine, reality and “reality” will collide in a new way that would make humans blend into the digital world and the digital world come into flesh and bones. 150 gigabytes is enough to take a hefty chunk out of any computer. That’s almost 19 HD Blu-ray movies!