10 Basic Yoga Postures for Beginners


Yoga is a way of life. People have the wrong notion that Yoga links to Hinduism and spirituality. Yoga transcends all religions with its approach to humanity. Yoga is not about twisting your body into various contortions. In fact, it encourages you to bring about a sense of coordination in your internal as well as the external organs. It is as much mental as much it is physical. It involves breathing exercises to go along with the physical ones. Let us now see about ten basic yoga postures for beginners. For the sake of convenience, let me add that that “posture” means “Asana” in Sanskrit.

10Padmasana (The Lotus Pose)

Whenever you go to any yoga trainer, he or she will invariably start with this basic posture. This posture brings about an amazing coordination in our breathing activities. You should adopt the Indian posture of sitting with your feet crossed. Kindly ensure that the soles of your feet point towards the ceiling with the base of your feet touching the abdomen region. When you sit in this position, the back remains straight. You have to place your hands on your knees with the palms facing upwards. Close your eyes and take slow measured breaths. This is a meditative pose capable of giving you tremendous peace of mind.