10 Christmas Health Risks You Should Check Out

Tall piece of chocolate cake with a fork on the plate

So here, in no particular order, is my personal selection of the top 10 Christmas health risks. I naturally expect readers to take great exception with the list and suggest their own and probably to accuse me of being a Christmas kill-joy. Not so, but a few sensible precautions could help prevent this being a festive period to forget. A merry – and healthy – Christmas to you all.

1Don’t let it be a turkey

Turkey is probably the biggest thing that goes in your oven each year – if not what else? – and here are some simple ways to make sure it’s part of a meal to remember for the right reasons. Don’t wash it before cooking. The majority of us do and that simply risks spreading harmful bacteria over worktops. If you have bought a frozen bird then make sure it is fully defrosted with no ice crystals inside. Cook it properly until none of the meat is pink and the juices run clear. You might prefer Delia or Jamie but NHS Choices has advice on cooking turkey. In the interests of balance you should know that summer is the peak time of year for food poisoning.