10 Delicious But Low-Calories Food


High-calorie content in food stuff has been pointed out as the genesis of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cancer. Food stuff with mass contents of calories has lofty amount of fats and sugars, consumption of this food stuff is yummy but poses a greater danger to your health. People who have routinely dined on low-calorie food content have been known to have a long and a healthy life says scientific research. In order to kill some fat in your menu, here is a list of food stuff which contains less calories content:

9Powdered Peanut Butter

Powdered peanut butter contains 45 calories per teaspoon that is good enough for anyone who wants to have a body full o muscles. BRANDS SUCH AS PB2 mint their powdered peanut butter by pressing them to remove much of fats in the nut. With huge chunk of fat oozed out the nut in nutritious with protein and dietary fiber.