10 Scary Pet Diseases You Might be Suffering From


If you own a pet, you might want to rush for a quick check up on these dieseases because 93% of pet owners have been confirmed infected with them. It’s very heart warming to know you have “someone” to keep you company when your other family members are not around but sometimes you can get more than what you bargained for, for those wagging tails and weird noises. From handling your dog’s poo less keenly to having your cat’s cratches on your hand, infections are easy to slide beyond your skin and bring you a week’s flu to other much worse infections.

But don’t fret! Rest assured that all these diseases are easily preventable and treatable and all you need to know is just what risks you are exposed to and how best to handle them. So let’s catch a glimpse of the most common scary diseases your pet can let you have anytime you get all comfy with it.


You’ll get this term more often in homes with cats and pregnant moms. This is basically an infection gotten from mishandling contaminated waste of an infected cat. It comes from the parasite called Toxoplasma gondii which apart from the cat, can also be found in vegetables that haven’t been well washed and meat that is undercooked. To know whether you have it, you should be experiencing muscle pains and swollen glands among other flu-like symptoms. Even when all these symptoms are gone, the parasite might be still lurking around.