5 Tips to Make Your Android Run Faster


There’s a lot of power contained within that little glass rectangle you carry around all day. We’ve got eight-core CPUs, multiple gigabytes of RAM, and batteries with thousands of milliampere-hours of capacity, but sometimes the experience doesn’t live up to the hardware’s potential. Things go wrong, settings get screwed up, and apps get greedy for resources. This can render a phone sluggish and kill the battery. That’s certainly a problem, but don’t worry, we can fix it in a few simple steps.

1Check for updates

You should also check for system updates in the About phone menu in Settings. You’ll likely get a notification when over-the-air updates are ready, but not all carriers keep pushing them after you dismiss the alert. If there’s an update available for your device, make sure you install it. You can probably find horror stories about OS updates if you look around, but these tales are in the extreme minority. Usually you’ll get security fixes and (importantly) performance improvements.

Which updates? All the updates. If you don’t have automatic updates activated in the Play Store, or you’re not connected to Wi-Fi very often, you should run through all the app updates available to you before taking more drastic measures. It’s possible some app or other had a bad update and is causing mischief in the background. Getting the newest version might solve your problems in mere minutes.