Red Alert! Why Hair Loss Is a Warning Sign You Should Not Ignore!


This is likely one of the shallowest posts I’ll ever write—it’s about hair. However, what is so shallow about hair? We all know the importance of having a good hair day. It seems from the moment we wake up, look in the mirror and notice that our top bun has left proper, succulent waves and not weird, irregular angles of frizz, that the rest of the day will be infused with magic.

1What’s It All About?

Our hair plays a huge role in who we are and how we see ourselves. When movie characters want to change their identities, the first thing they do is stash themselves in a truck stop bathroom with a box of hair dye and go to town on their manes. Further, and admittedly sticking to the shallow side of things, I’m often suspicious when every photo of a man on Ok Cupid shows himself wearing a hat—what on earth is he hiding? At any rate, concerns about hair health gets people, namely women, into my office. Sometimes seemingly shallow, trivial health concerns act as gateways to lifestyle changes and a journey to health and wellbeing. Since our bodies don’t really require hair for survival, hair health, along with sex drive and energy, is one of the first things to decline when we enter into a state of imbalance. It therefore becomes an important initial warning sign that things have gone array with our health.