BarkBox: Why We Give it Two Paws Up!


    If you’re anything like me, you can relate to the following:

    You take your dog out for regular walks (obviously), schedule grooming (duh), never miss a birthday (of course), and if you’re not an author of; then you definitely follow too many dog spam pages on instagram (guilty).

    Oscar is my pup and number one guy. We’ve been using BarkBox for almost six months now and we’ve been really impressed with the service so far. I love the variety of products that we get in every box. More cost effective than many other pet subscription boxes I’ve tried, BarkBox is excellent value.


    What is BarkBox and How Does it Work?

    BarkBox is a monthly subscription service providing fun toys and treats for dogs and their owners. Unlike many companies aimed at pets in general; BarkBox specializes in dogs.

    I like this because it means that the needs and wants of our beloved canines come first.

    pet box

    All I had to do to sign up was choose my dog size (small, medium or large) and preferred subscription plan.

    Every month we’re sent a package of treats and toys, and every pack is different.  Delivery is free; which is a nice bonus!

    What’s inside a BarkBox box?

    subscription boxes

    Each delivery includes 4-6 items which is made up of at least; two bags of natural treats, two super cute toys, and a chew. All of the items are carefully hand picked, customized to your dog size, designed by a community of fellow dog-crazies, and 100% dog-approved.

    monthly subscription

    Every month has a new theme. So far we’ve seen Madis Gras, Peanut Butter Lovers, and “Barkfest.” The toys are adorable and surprisingly durable. Even when Oscar manages to mangle them within a short period, I feel comforted knowing there’s always a new one on the way.

    My main concern these days is Oscar suspiciously sniffing any packages that come to the house because he can’t wait for the next one!


    Why Barkbox?

    I’ve tried a few similar services before. While many of them are good, I never committed to their monthly subscription boxes for long. One thing I really like about BarkBox is that if your dog doesn’t like a particular item; they’ll send you a replacement at no cost! Such a great tail-wagging policy means no puppy dog pouts here.

    You can also purchase items separately if you want to re-order a toy or treat that your dog really liked. There have been a few chews that Oscar has taken to that I’ve been able to easily re-purchase.

    Some other cool features that make BarkBox a winning option for me include;

    Free shipping with tracking information
    So I know the service is reliable and when the box is on its way!

    10% of proceeds go towards a rescue organization
    t makes me feel good knowing that not only am I spoiling my own dog, but I’m helping other dogs, too.

    I can order online and by text!
    There are mobile apps available for andriod and iPhone but users can also text their orders.

    Multi-dog discount available
    I got a colleague onto the service and they’re a two-dog household. BarkBox takes care of both their dogs without her having to pay two full fees.


    So, how much is it?

    BarkBox is surprisingly affordable and a lot cheaper than many other monthly pet boxes on the market. I remember a time where I was paying up to $35 per monthly subscription.

    pet box

    In addition to reasonable pricing, they often have deals where you get your first box free (that’s how I first got onto it) plus, a few ongoing refer-a-friend deals, too!


    I’m so glad that I’ve found a pet box provider that ticks all the boxes for me and my dog. Oscar has never been happier, and already can’t wait for our next delivery!

    If you’re curious about it for yourself, or interested in BarkBox as a gift for a dog lover in your life, check their website for deals for first timers!