The Only Sure But Cheap Car Tracker


Losing a car is the most painful ordeal one would encounter. It is common you have to park your car in a public parking where no one knows you are the owner. Did you know you could watch over your vehicle on a Smartphone? Most of us can attest that we have lost cars that we have invested heavily on the alarm system or even the expensive GPS system.

The TrackR device


A California-based company wants to use your Smartphone to track your car. The TrackR is a very small device the size of a quarter but with magical tracking power. The tracker has a direct connection to your phone and it requires no monthly subscriptions. How much cheaper can tracking your car get?

Easy to use

You can track that big bus by a small devices connected to an application on a Smartphone. The TrackR app is available for free downloads and the connection takes less than five minutes. After installation, you use the application free with no monthly subscriptions.

Other than your vehicle, you can use it to watch over any of your treasured items; Briefcase, keys or even computers. The size of the device allows you to put it anywhere, under the mat, on the roof and no thief can suspect. That time when you forget where you parked your vehicle, the”find device” option on a Smartphone will locate it in a blink of an eye.

Cheapest VIP companion


Forget about the GPS monthly invoices, tracking your vehicle should be peaceful. For a lifetime price of $29, your vehicle will be safe and secured by a small device, the TrackR. Keeping in mind that your Smartphone is companion you cannot leave behind, its time you watch over all your treasure at a give-away price.

TrackR for everything


In addition to your vehicle, you treasure many other assets. For instance, the bike you bought your kids is vulnerable to thieves. It is already expensive to maintain a GPS in your car; what of an additional bike. This tracker is compatible with any asset that you do not want to lose. You can glue it on the back seat of the kid’s bike.

You can even watch over your pet at while at work by attaching the small device on its collar and tracking it on a Smartphone. Searching for your keys and wallet will not require turning your house upside-down. Organize your life and have peace of mind about safety of your assets.

Why you must have TrackR


How much more interesting would it be than watching over your treasure on a Smartphone? More to it, it is as cheap as free lifetime service. It is time you start enjoying your lunch without worrying about the safety of your vehicle. With the summer discounts, it should be the cheapest but smart investment for your vehicle.

By a small device, you can get hold of that thief and teach them a lesson.

Where to buy TrackR


You do not have to roam around town or make long queues to buy this VIP device. We have made it easy for you and you can buy it from our website. For this summer, we have a super discount buy 4 and get 4 free and all of your friends will be as safe as you are.

Enjoy surprising utilities offering by TrackR at a very fair price. To have the full picture of the product, just click it here