Michael Phelps – A living Legend


In 2008, Phelps claimed that he ate about 12000 calories per day. But before going to Rio, he changed his diet routine.The 6 foot 4 inches tall athlete is considered as the ‘most decorated athlete in the history of Olympic’ by ‘the USA today’.The famous swimmer MichaelPhelpsattended a press conference on December 4, 2013 (Brazil) to promote the healthy lifestyle and proper diet to inspire thechildrenand have a better life head.

Few people believe that such claim of huge calorie intake is false and over exaggerated. But nobody can question the fact that Phelps requires more energy to stay fit and keep winning the gold medals.Fact (Phelps needs about 1000 calories per hour whenever racing)

Well the question is…. What does he eat now? Believe me when I tell you that there is no place for pancakes, pizzas and chocolate chips in the daily diet of MichaelPhelps.

Here’s what you need to know: (fast facts)

Facts, about Michael Phelps’ Diet, 2016

5More carbs before swimming, more protein after swimming

Phelps eats Carbs before Swimming & later, takes Protein. Phelps also stated that he does not count calories any more whether it is a packet of chips, or spaghettis, he stated that he eats whatever he likes, ‘ if I like it , I will eat it’. The US international Michael Phelps also stated ‘fans give too much importance to my diet, but it’s not what they think. I only had a cup of coffee, an omelet of 3 eggs, and 3 pieces of French toast in the morning’. ‘SB nation’ explained that he was trying to move away from the heavy carb-diet. Phelps stated after the 4×100 m really, he ate a pound of spaghetti.