Right Ways to Treat Your Belly With Food


A discomfort in your belly? Whether it is vomiting, nausea or even a general discomfort probably because of something you consumed, you want the stress gone-instantly. Although a trip to the doctor is the first best decision, selecting the right foods may just be the best way to treat your belly well. Below is a guide to what foods are of benefit in soothing your belly.


For generations and generations, the banana has always been among the first items that come to mind anytime a remedy is required to soothe the belly. It is part of the common ‘brat’ diet (bananas, rice and toast) that has found application over and over for decades. In-terms of content, bananas contain potassium which is vital especially after dehydration from either diarrhea or vomiting. Moreover, sugar is also another element in the banana which ensures that you have a good supply of calories every time you are perhaps not consuming much. However, they are not very sweet which ensures that you will not get nauseous.