The Serious Effects of Sleep Deprivation


Many people do not take sleep as seriously as they should. Sleep is an essential activity to all living things as is breathing and eating. When you are asleep, your body is resting, taking care of both your physical and mental health while preparing you for another day. In infants and adolescents, hormones that are responsible for growth are released when sleeping. In adults, the same thing is true. Sleep helps the body build muscle mass and repair damaged cells and tissues. When you are sleep deprived, your brain ceases to function properly thus affecting your emotional state and cognitive abilities. This puts you and everyone around you at risk.


When you are sleepy, you tend not to be at 100%. Sleep deprivation has been a contributing aspect in some of the largest disasters ever. I am talking about the huge Exxon Valdez oil spillage, the Three Mile nuclear accident in 1979 Island and the nuclear meltdown in 1986 at Chernobyl among others. Apart from those accidents, lack of sleep puts many lives apart from your own on the roads. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that fatigue as a result of lack of enough sleep causes 100000 car crashes and over 1550 deaths as a result of road crashes. These numbers cannot be so easily ignored.