TrackR- New GPS Production For Everyone


How much time have you spent looking frantically for your important items such as keys, your wallet or your phone before you leave the house? That was the inspiration behind the invention of TrackR, an easy way to keep track of your valuables by using your smartphone. The TrackR is the most micro and elegant of all the tracking devices out there and is backed by the world’s largest Crowd GPS network. Years of taking customer feature suggestions and multiple product revisions allows us to reveal our perfected TrackR bravo to the world.

Barely There Technology

The TrackR bravo is ultra thin but with the most advanced technology available. We put our focus on using the best techniques and materials in order to make the smallest, most elegant tracking device ever.


You Can Track Anything

With the help of your iPhone or Android, you’ll be able to quickly find your lost items around the house. You can either use the distance indicator rador or tap the “ring device” button, prompting the lost item to ring.

What If You Lose Your Phone?

Phones are equally as susceptible to getting lost as your keys but don’t worry, we have a solution for that. Even if your phone is on silent mode, when you press the button on the TrackR bravo, your phone will ring, making it easy to find.


TrackR Community Can Help You Find Lost Valuables

Maybe you left your purse somewhere, or even worse, it’s been stolen. The TrackR’s Crowd GPS network has over 5 million users that can help you find it.

How does Crowd GPS work?

  • If another user of the TrackR app is within 100 feet of your lost item, you’ll get a GPS update of where your item it.
  • The TrackR app is built to track Bluetooth devices or tracker devices. Over 300,000 items per day are located with this feature of the TrackR.


How Does TrackR Differ From Other Tracking Systems?

  • Being the thinnest device available, the TrackR bravo is almost half the size of previous designs.
  • The Crowd GPS technology allows you to locate lost items quickly. In fact, TrackR’s system which is the world’s largest, locates 8 items every minute.
  • The separation alarm features notifies you when you’re leaving an item behind. It’s also capable of remembering where you left your item on a GPS map.
  • The TrackR is a sustainable device meant to last a lifetime with replaceable batteries.
  • It’s attractive and elegant.

TrackR systems can be purchased from stores like Best Buy and Future shop or purchased online at or directly from the website at


The TrackR Bravo is priced at $29.99 or purchase 3 for $89.99 and get 4 free. An even better value is when you purchase 4 for $119.99 and get 6 for free.

The TrackR Sticker is $24.99 or purchase 6 for $149.99 and get 4 free. Useful for a family household as it can be used for bikes and other expensive toys.

The TrackR Wallet is $29.99 or purchase 2 for $49.99. When you purchase a pack of 4 for $99.95, you get 4 free.

The TrackR Atlas starts at $39.99 for a Studio $99.99 for w bedrooms (comes with 4 devices) and $199.99 for 4 bedrooms (8 devices).


There are no additional costs beyond the the price of The TrackR device. The TrackR app can be downloaded for free through the Apple’s App Store or in the Google Play Store. The TrackR app is packed with features such as;

  • 2 Way Separation Alerts
  • Custom Ring Tones
  • Custom Item Icons
  • Customizable Alert Settings
  • Tracking up to 10 Items*
  • Background Operation