10 Buzzed But Important Tips on How to Improve Distance Running


Beginner runners usually strive to increase their distance, but buzz details don’t reach them. Therefore, this is one of the biggest hurdles they ever face. As they try to push their runs, they are often confronted with physical and mental difficulties. In case you are a newbie to distance running, there are some hidden strategies that can help you not only to run longer but also make the experience more pleasant. Bear in mind that you should not increase your weekly mileage beyond 10% per week if you are to avoid potential injuries.

Here are 10 buzzes but important tips :

1Ensure That You Warm-Up

It is important to do an appropriate warm-up as this will help you to avoid all kinds of problems that could sabotage your run, including muscle tightness and side stitches. Also, remember to cool down at the end of your run for at least five minutes.  Combine a Run/Walk

Don’t pressurize yourself to run the whole length of your preferred distance. Doing a run/walk will allow you to cover more distance and also give you a great workout. With time, you will be able to gradually build the necessary fitness and confidence to run longer without walking.