6 Weight Loss Plans That Actually Help Lose Weight At Home With Long-Term Results


Quick and rapid results are promised by many diet plans, as long as their prescribed methods are used by dieters. For anyone who actually weighs more than their upper end of their ideal weight range, the use of a weight loss plan is worth considering. However, despite the quick results of these weight loss diets, more of a commitment needs to be made to a lifestyle change. Generally, exerting more calories than are consumed is the best way to achieve weight loss in a short term, and the following diets make this easier to do.

1Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet follows the theory that eating high-fat and high-protein foods while giving up foods containing carbohydrates can significantly lower the intake of calories. According to published evidence, those who on the Atkins diet are not only able to lose weight but also manage to lower their blood glucose and pressure, and even their cholesterol levels. Taking mineral and vitamin supplements while on the Atkins diet is recommended.