10 Food Americans Eat That Are Banned In Other Countries


Americans have the belief that if the FDA have approved the food, that is the safe to eat. But, this is not true. FDA has its own regulations which allow some foods that are banned in some countries and allowed in USA. Since, America is the richest country in the world, so their food is also quite inferior when compared to the other countries. Some, of the food which are banned in other counties and allowed in USA can affect the health of the human being adversely. Let’s have the detailed view on the top 10 foods that are allowed in USA and banned in other countries.

1Olestra aka Olean

Olean is a cholesterol and calorie free fat substitute that is made up of Gamble and Procter to make fat free snacks like French fries and potato chips. But, recently there have been several reports submitted causing intestinal reactions, diarrhea and leaking bowels. It also absorbs vitamins from your body like vitamin A, D, K, and E, so much that the FDA have demanded to add those vitamins in Olean. This product is banned in the Canada and UK.