6 Gross Habits You Probably Didn’t Know Are Actually Scary

gross habits

Everybody has guilty pleasures and weird habits, these are all a part of being human. For instance, I tend to crack my knuckles, neck and back about 500 times each day. I drink a distasteful amount of espresso far too often, and I wear stockings multiple times before washing them. Maybe I’m biased but I don’t think these are too terrible.

There are some habits that are equal parts fascinating as they are gross. Some of these are things that I would never give a second thought to. Anyway, it’s likely some of these habits are seemingly harmless… but we suggest you check out this list of 6 Gross Habits You Probably Didn’t Know Are Actually Scary.

1Biting Nails

This habit in particular is extremely common and appears to be harmless,  especially when you have an unbearable hangnail. However, gnawing your nails is disturbing and has been proven to prompt diseases on your nails and in your mouth. We suggest you quit snacking!