How Can Fidget Spinners Actually Help with Anxiety?

Fidget Spinners

That is the question of the day for experts as anxiety is not something that can simply be wished away. You all already know what fidget spinners are so there is no point in rehashing the same information. This article will focus on 5 points that will try to answer that question and see if these fidget spinners can really help with anxiety.

1They are a replacement for other nervous habits

One expert has said that these fidget spinners can help with anxiety especially if the person is very hypersensitive. These type of people are usually caught biting their nails, pulling their cuticles or pinching their skin when filled with anxiety so fidget spinners may replace those nasty habits and cause less pain to the hypersensitive person.

Many people fiddle with their pens waiting for a job interview or in a business meeting as they wait for the other person to finish talking, yet it is doubtful that a replacement for that habit would help in those situations as the person fidgeting with the toy would be seen not being a serious candidate as they want to play with toys.