Top 10 benefits of dragon fruit for health and skin


Exotic and delicious, the dragon fruit is considered the tropical “superfood” because of its rich vitamin, mineral content. Also called as “pitahaya”, the dragon fruit belongs to the genus Hylocereus and it is most commonly cultivated in Southeast Asia, Australia, Cyprus and Israel… Based on the species, there are both sweet and sour dragon fruits. When the fruit is cut open, the texture of the inside flesh resembles that of a kiwi fruit with black seeds within the flesh. The seeds are rich in lipids and one has to chew in order to have the seeds digested. With each dragon fruit containing around 60 calories, the list of benefits of dragon fruit is endless.

9Supporting digestion

Rich with fiber content, dragon fruits aid in digestion by facilitating bowel movement inside the digestive system and preventing constipation. Besides, the fruit is great aid for people wanting to cut down weight as eating these fruits will keep one satisfied for longer periods.