Top 10 foods that lower blood pressure

foods that lower blood pressure

We only live once and the greatest wealth we could ever had in this world is our health. Without a good health, life is dull and it was like in a state of agony and suffering. People often forget their worth in a way that they will focus on gaining and earning wealth, while spending an unhealthy life in consequence. Instead of saying the damage has been done, take the bright side and have a great life. Being healthy does not require too much wealth, it does not mean that you will be depriving yourself from what makes you happy, it does not mean that you need to eat less, NO! You just have to eat right and a healthy body will along! This article will present the list of 10 foods that lower blood pressure.


Bananas are great source of potassium that helps lower blood pressure. A banana poses an impact directly in the heart rate and muscles. Bananas can be eaten like of the usual or it can be taken together with other recipes.