Top 10 natural sources of vitamin F

sources of vitamin f

Vitamin F is also called fatty acids. It is composed of two fatty acids – linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid, both are responsible for development and repair of tissues in our body. They help in reproductive health, skin growth, hair growth and metabolism. Delayed healing process, vision problem, dry eyes, skin bruising, unhealthy hair and skin can be caused due to deficiency of these fatty acids.

Vitamins F has a lot of benefits for your health and beauty. It brings youthful appearance to the skin and suppleness. It is needed for health mucous man brain and nerves and nourishes skin cells. It regulates blood coagulation. It assists in weight reduction, supports circulatory function, cardiovascular health and nervous system. It is essential for immune system to work properly. It makes movement easier and enhances joint function. It supports in normal functioning of the reproductive system. It manufactures sex and adrenal hormones. Vitamin F and Vitamin D makes calcium available to the tissues. It assists in the assimilation of phosphorous and the conversion of carotene into vitamin A is stimulated by it. Adding rich sources of vitamin F is beneficial for human body.

Here are 10 natural sources of vitamin F:


Good sources of vitamin F are oils. Oil extracted from safflower contains 10.1 grams of LA per tablespoon. Walnut, soybean, safflower, corn and canola oils are other good sources of essential fatty acids . Flaxseed provides 7.3 grams of ALA per tablespoon.