Top 5 best foods to eat to stay awake and energized

foods to eat to stay awake

We have all felt that afternoon slump after lunch. It is tempting to hit the coffee machine and pump out an espresso to get you going. However, it can lead to a vicious cycle of lack of sleep as the caffeine in coffee can take eight hours to wear off completely. This means you will be just as sleepy and debilitated the next day due to lack of adequate sleep. There are foods to eat to stay awake though that can give you the kick you need to get you out of your slump. Here we list the most effective five.


Cocoa beans (which chocolate is made from) naturally contain caffeine, the same stuff which gives coffee its punch. Darker chocolates contain more cocoa, and hence more caffeine to wake you right up. Unlike coffee, though, the amount of caffeine it contains is much lower and will not disturb your sleep at night. This makes dark chocolate one of the best foods to eat to stay awake. Cocoa also contains nutrients which help reduce stress and increase focus and energy. Most chocolates sold also contain quite a bit of sugar, which can give you a quick boost of energy.