6 Dress Shirts That Every Professional Man Should Own

Dress shirt

Taking your work wardrobe from drab to fab isn’t hard, and for me; it all starts with one basic piece: the dress shirt.

Having the right dress shirt is the foundation to any successful outfit. Regardless of how spruced up or easygoing your look is, chances are, you’ll be wearing a shirt. No matter if you’re wearing a full suit and tie or just a pair of jeans, your shirt is the essential, staple piece.

Despite the fact that a crisp white dress shirt is an unquestionable statement item in any wardrobe, it shouldn’t be the only piece you own.

If you’re updating an outdated closet or simply starting from the basics, there are some staple pieces you cannot go without. These are the six dress shirts each man needs in his wardrobe.

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1The white shirt


The white dress shirt is an outright must. It is a classic piece that you cannot go wrong with. Every man needs a perfect the white dress shirt ready to wear for any occasion.