8 Makeup Tips To Look Younger Instantly


We all are striving to look young & fresh and in the beauty world where we have a multiple beauty products, from facials, creams and procedures to aid us in achieving our youthful looks, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right make up that can help you look younger instantly. Here are some of the makeup tips you can use to look younger instantly.

8Line The Top Lash Only

When you apply the eyeliner on the bottom lash line, you will cause attention to be at the bottom part of your eye. Being the part where dark circles, wrinkles and bags live, don’t draw attention there. Line the top lash with eyeliner to make the eyes pop out. Always use a deep brown color instead of black. A deep brown color will give you the intensity you desire and get an eye opening lift. Note that don’t make it too thick and heavy as you dot want the lids to be weighed down, instead you want to lift them. If your eyelids are more hooded or drippy, create a very thin line. Also, when applying, angle the liner at 45 degrees to give you a more lifted lid.