8 Ways To Be Satisfied With How You Spend Your Time


Every person goes through the same 24 hours. For some it seems they are in control, for others, time just sprints past them, before they even know where their day went. You can feel your time more closely as it passes by with some simple changes to your lifestyle.

1Feel Your Breath

The most cliche of them all, but the most effective. Thrice a day. Ten minutes each time. Pause. Let your hectic lifestyle take a rest. Close your eyes & follow your breath. Easy enough. You’ll feel every second, capture every passing moment as it is, in those 10 minutes. This technique is also called Mindfulness, where you’are both doing something (breathing) and simultaneously feeling yourself doing it. It’s fairly simple to do too. Maybe during breaks instead of going for a smoke, or just when you’re tired from working on your computer all day. More attuned to yourself and your lifestyle, concentration is bound to gain intensity. You’ll end up pulling out more gratification from your day, having felt time by the second.