How to Use Voyagin to Organise Your Holiday


Voyagin is a travel booking website that allows you to book activities all over Asia and beyond.

Many sites focus on flights and how to get to your holiday destination – but what about once you arrive. Voyagin ensures not a second of your well-earned holiday is wasted, fill your trip with exciting activities from the moment you arrive.

How it works

Everything is handled through the Voyagin online platform. First, you create an account and then choose a country. Voyagin started in Asia but has since expanded to other locations around Europe.  

After you’ve chosen a destination, you’ll be shown Voyagin tailored list of activities, almost always available at a discount. Voyagin screens all of its hosts to make sure each experience is well worth the price.  

You’ll get options like attractions, restaurants, and tours. Then it’s up to you to choose as many or as little as you’d like.

Next, you’ll be taking to the booking screen where you’ll reserve, and you’ll be given all the details you need to have a great time abroad.

Finally, after the host has confirmed, you’ll receive your convenient e-ticket to pull up anywhere. Afterward, you can check the web dashboard for info on what to bring and where to meet.


Skip the queues and spend your holiday on what is important! Voyagin has exclusive prices for Theme parks, fun classes, aquariums, safaris, shows, kid activities, local attractions, and more all in one place. Compare between everything on offer and decide what’s best for your holiday.

Each attraction will have a list of details, and you can filter everything by what type of experience, or what price, you’re looking for.

Plus, each event will tell you roughly how long it takes, that way you can plan as many activities as you like into one day to guarantee an action-packed holiday to remember.



Don’t waste time on mediocre quality restaurants. Go straight to the best tables and have your reservation sorted with peace of mind knowing you’re going to be eating great food.

This is especially the case for Japan where you can get great discounts for exclusive eateries.

Are you a picky eater? Check out some of the 50,000 reviews the site has, and hear what others think.



When on holiday you don’t want just to visit a country, you want to experience it. Take a local tour around the country visiting the must-see monuments, historical sites, and national museums. Whether it’s by bus, bike or boat see any country from a new perspective.

The site offers free cancellation up to a certain point so decide what you want to do risk-free if you change your mind later. Although Voyagin suggests contacting the hosts who can be very accommodating on moving time slots around if your schedule has changed.

Planning your holiday through Voyagin also gives the benefit of having a support team to call who will help you tackle any issues.

Planning Your Trip

Used by 1,300,000 people worldwide, Voyagin has been in the travel business for a long time, which is how they can get the best prices and promotions for all the top activities across Asia.

The best way to travel is by filling your holiday with fun activities. All you need to bring is your e-ticket, and you’re ready to go.

Booking is simple and straightforward. So don’t hesitate to explore – book your next great trip today!

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