Promescent – Last Longer in the Bedroom



Any good relationship needs many things: trust, communication, variety, fun and of course… intimacy.

Most women wished their partners lasted longer in bed.

It’s well researched that men, on average, take 5.5 minutes to fully perform in bed whereas women, according to some studies, take an average of 17 minutes. That can be up to 3 times longer!

Promescent is a spray that helps to bridge that gap by giving you more control, all while keeping sensitivity. More control means longer sessions where both partners are satisfied.  

Safe and proven studies

Promescent is clinically proven to lengthen your performance. Studies have shown it allows men last up to 64% longer. Plus it’s the only brand on the market in the US that has clinical research behind it.

Safe and effective to use. Their patented lidocaine technology ensures that unlike competitor bedroom lasting sprays, there is no numbing. The technology is endorsed by doctors – read more about their testimonials here.

How it works


After a few sprays, Promescent takes effect quickly. The bottle has a metered dose to ensure that each spray is equal. No guessing means no surprises, and you get the same great result every time.

The great thing is that the spray allows for experimentation. More spray or less spray – you and your partner can play around with the dosage to see what works best for you. You’ll have full control over how long your perfect night lasts.

Isn’t the best part of a relationship being able to truly satisfy your significant other?

Promescent works through absorption so there’s no worry about transfer to your partner. It just allows for a more satisfying experience in bed for everyone.

Around the world

Promescent is made in the US in a state of the art pharmaceutical facility in order to guarantee quality. Available to buy online around the world and found at local retailers. Promescent ships fast and discreetly wherever you are.

Choose from a wide variety of different bottle sizes and supplements for your specific needs. Buy travel size to experiment first.

Work better as a couple. In any relationship, intimacy plays an important role. Promescent allows you to be more intimate without numbing – so you can enjoy all the sensations of the night.

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