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What is Rocket Languages?  

Rocket Languages is an online resource designed for learning new languages quickly. It uses a tried and tested syllabus that teaches you a wide range of language skills in a short amount of time.

Rocket Languages has extensive courses in 15 different languages including; French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Hindi and more.

Instead of just providing cookie-cutter text-based lessons, Rocket Languages makes sure every system is tested so that you are learning most efficiently. Each course is specifically designed for a particular language. And learning is done in a way that it sticks, rather than being forgotten tomorrow.

There is a truly vast amount of content available here which can all be downloaded and used on your laptop or smartphone. Unlike competitors, all these lessons are available to be downloaded offline. You get complete access to your content, learn wherever you are, which is perfect for long commutes. Plus, it reduces the number of excuses you can give yourself to not learn.

Rocket Languages understands that people have busy schedules and that fitting learning a new language in somewhere can seem impossible. Which is why the platform is continually improving with new courses and ways of learning. The idea is to minimize the time it takes before you can start having conversations in your chosen language. Which is perfect if you’re thinking about travelling, or even living abroad.

Before you buy, there are a few complimentary modules for each tier so you can practice and decide whether you like the system first. It’s completely free, you don’t even need an email address for a guest account.

The System (Courses and material)

Each language is split into several different learning activities…

First, you have the interactive audio sections.

A mix of audio exchanges followed by lessons. With pronunciation recognition and speaking exercises as well. You don’t need any textbooks for this part, and you can listen casually as the hosts give you tips and tricks for each language.

Perfect for passive listening on your commute or at the gym. Rocket Languages offers audio lessons that allow you to learn whenever you have some free time. Each course has at least 60 hours of topics available, so you never run out of content. The audio courses also come with bonus activities that help reinforce what you’ve just learned, so you don’t just forget it the next day. All lessons are available for Mac, PC, Android, and iOS.

The aim here isn’t to parrot useless conversation that has no application in the real world. The purpose here is to learn (and remember) useful topics that you will need to talk with locals on a personal level. Rocket Language brings you to the level where you can understand (and be understood by) everyone around you.

Second, there are the’ language and culture’ lessons…

Rocket Languages also believes it’s important to include cultural insight so you can understand how the language works at a fundamental level. Which also helps you to actually speak and sound like a local. This is essentially the part of the course where you learn about grammar and vocabulary. It’s more structured, and it works more like a traditional classroom. However variety is included in the way of conversational practice, vocabulary puzzles and cultural topics to keep the energy high as you learn.

The previous audio component is useful, but this ‘language and culture’ section helps to cement your understanding. Everything can be done at your own pace, and the challenges make everything easier to remember when you’re actually using it.

Finally, there are the engaging games…

Every module includes interactive activities to help keep you motivated while maximizing the amount of time you’re learning. The flashcard games are especially useful for retention. It’s best to hear yourself as you progress which is why the courses will regularly get you to speak out loud so you can listen to your improvements as you go.

Over time you’ll notice that the course will start re-displaying words that you’re weaker on so you can practice them more and more until they don’t leave your brain. Slowly, the lessons get harder as you’re given less and less assistance in each round.

By the end you’ll realize you’ve done speaking, listening, reading and writing in a very short amount of time. Plus, as mentioned above there are free courses available to dip your feet into, so it’s win-win.

At the end of the day, each language has:

  • 60 hours of engaging audio lessons.
  • 60 hours of language and culture lessons.
  • A variety of writing lessons.
  • Voice recognition software to test your pronunciation as you go.
  • Synchronized progress across all your devices so you can pick up from anywhere, anytime.

Keeping Motivation to Learn

It’s understandable that learning an entirely new language is a daunting task. It can be challenging to maintain any source of consistent motivation, and it’s why many people fall off with learning.

Rocket Language attempts to tackle this by continually mixing things up and allowing you to jump around, all while keeping your learning balanced.

On top of that, to keep things interesting the point system helps you stay focused over long periods of time. And the scheduler is there to make sure you’re keeping up with regular lessons. The platform also keeps a score of your daily streak. This simple yet popular feature builds up points as you go, which might not seem like much at first, but the more you build, the harder it is to let go.

For learning French


Looking at the French course, in particular, you can see how Rocket Languages keeps things engaging.

Instead of being a boring phrases book of quotable sentences about ordering taxis, the course breaks things down to the fundamentals and builds things up in exciting combinations. What starts off as small phrases, become full conversations. Before you know it, Rocket Languages is teaching you how to flirt in French.

Each of the audio lessons is around 20 minutes long. Which strikes a great balance between keeping you from getting bored, but still being engaging enough to remember.

All the French interactive audios, the lessons, the games, quizzes, and membership access are all included in one price instead of being piece-mealed out. So you have everything you need in one place.

Benefits of learning a new language

Unlike many brain training apps on the market nowadays – learning a new language has had proven result for improving mental fitness.

Improved focus and memory are all benefits that come from practicing a new language, even as a hobby.

If you’ve ever thought it might be nice to live abroad then you probably already know that having even basic knowledge of the second language can open up career opportunities overseas. Why should you pay to travel when you could live somewhere warm and get paid for it. Lot’s of graduates of Rocket Languages go onto work internationally with their new language skills.

It comes as no surprise that people enjoy talking to each other. If you’re able to speak with someone on a personal level, you’re much more likely to impress. Especially if you can talk back to them in their own language. Communication is a skill that is always in demand.

Having a second language at your disposal opens your borders and allows you to seamlessly integrate into international society.

You can learn a lot about a culture just from their language. An often unsung benefit is that you can determine how other people perceive the world.

For example, in English when in a restaurant you might say ‘Can I have a water?’. However, in Latin American Spanish you wouldn’t dream of asking ‘Can I’ or ‘May I.’ It’s much more common to demand things. After all, you’re the one paying for the drink, why should you have to ask if you could?

Another example in French is their huge vocabulary around love which lends insight into their views on romance. Additionally, in French, you have two different ways of saying ‘you’ depending on the age and relation of the person you’re talking to. These initial interactions, based on how someone is connected to you, can have a vast difference on how friendships are formed.

Essentially, learning a new language gives you more options. And with each Rocket Language course, you can see the evidence as you improve in a structured way. Not just in the test scores, but in your ability to interact with people.

Why Rocket Languages?


Rocket Languages is used by over 1 million people worldwide and unlike many competitors instead of a subscription model you just pay a one time fee to access everything forever.

If you’ve read this far then, you likely have more than a passing interest in other languages, culture, or travel. And the active member forum online is a great place to chat with like-minded people about language specifics or more general queries about a country you’re hoping to visit.

It’s comforting knowing that everyone you chat to is going through the same thing as you, so it’s easy to connect with people for support. Or it’s a simple way to ask for help if you’re struggling with a particular part of the langue.

Another useful tool is the ‘My Vocab’ tool. With such a wide range of languages and a vast collection of content available it’s useful to be able to search and save stuff. The ‘My Vocab’ tool allows you to search through dialogue you have been through. That way it’s easy to build up a library of your favorite topics for quick access.

When you combine the ability to use everything offline, and the phone app support it is really easy to put in small amounts of effort whenever you have some time free.

On top of all that Rocket Languages offers unparalleled customer service and a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee. Plus, there are regular deals to get over 50% off online.

The overall goal here is to help you build confidence in your chosen language. To take yourself a step above basic practice and knowing a few phrases. Take your cultural language journey to the next level with Rocket Languages.

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