Top 10 Anti Aging Foods For Woman


Our skin is a clear evidence of how well we take care of our bodies. Free radical damage and inflammation leads to breakdown of collagen in the skin, whiles antioxidants in food helps by neutralizing these free radicals which will protect the skin’s strength and health.

When we age, the body functions a little less smoothly and we become more susceptible to age-related diseases. Research has made clear specific nutrients that help prevent harm from environmental factors that will hydrate complexion, and keep women’s skin cells looking their best. A healthy well balanced whole-food diet is very important in reducing the incidence of disease while also reducing the effects of aging in women, but here are top 10 super foods that really have anti-aging effects in women.

10Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens, particularly spinach and kale which contain the two antioxidants, zeaxanthin, and lutein protect the body against the harmful effects of Ultra Violet (UV) exposure. Every time the skin is exposed to UV light, damage occurs and the effect of that repeated harm is DNA damage, increased inflammation, oxidative stress, and suppression of immunity. The result is increased risk of cancer and skin aging. women who consume a higher intake of green and yellow vegetables has a lower incidence of wrinkles.