iPhone 8 Instead of iPhone X: to Buy or Not to Buy?


So lately there has been a lot of hype about the release of the latest iPhone. The removal of the home screen button and head jack is bold changes to the original design. IPhone 8 and iPhone X are the latest Apple products to enter the market and are hot leaders in consumer debates. However, before you settle on either of them, here are a few specs to help you choose.


In looking at the IPhone X, the most visible incorporated design feature is the large notch utilized for Face ID. However, aside from this feature, the iPhone 8 and X are otherwise almost identical. The specs of the iPhone X stands at 143.6×70.9×7.7mm at 174 grams. The iPhone 8 specs on the other hand stand at 138.4×76.3×7.3 mm at 148 grams. This makes the iPhone X taller and heavier by at about 18%. However, at face value this difference is not noticeable.